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lower cost

Taking the online test at home eliminates the need to produce and use false documents. No false documents are used, and the examiner does not have to go to the examination room to show his face and take risks, which makes the risk of the examiner taking the examination on behalf of the examiner smaller and the cost is also reduced.

less risk

No fake documents are used, candidates take the test in person with our assistance, take pictures by themselves, and show their faces in person. Relatively less risky on-the-spot exams.

more diversified operations

Whether it is to take the test remotely or to take a photo to transmit the answers, the test methods available for the online test at home are more flexible and diversified than the traditional on-site test methods.

Can also operate with exam records

Since the online test at home is the test taker showing his/her own face, it does not matter if there is a test record. If it is an on-site examination, if there is an examination record, it is generally impossible to take the examination.

Transcript display

Successful case of taking the test

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